Jan 7, 2013

P+M#11 Interview : Field Trip


Q1. Please Introduce Yourself.
Hi, we are an Australian band called Field Trip.

Q2. How did you start this band?
It all started back in high school; Jay and Daniel decided to start a band influenced by bands such as the Strokes and Arctic Monkeys. As our influences changed, so did our values toward music. We then felt that we needed to take the band to another level. Adding to the mix, we got two other members, Peter & Zac, completing the Field Trip line up.

Q3. Who is the artist from whom you were influenced?
Initially it was mainly The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys, but with the addition of further members it certainly varied the spectrum. We began listening to bands such as Real Estate, Best Coast, The Drums, Pains of Being Pure at Heart etc. Lesser known bands that were very D.I.Y by nature in their approach toward producing music. This inspired us and gave way for our very home grown sound that appears on our EP.

Q4. What are you just doing?
For the moment we are fairly quite. One could say holiday but I prefer to see it as the calm before the storm. We are full of ideas and we can’t wait to get back into creating music again.
Our next release will be very different from the first. Not only in style but also in approach. More members of the group are beginning to write and its shaping up to be a healthy collaborative

Q5. What do you value most in music life?
The thing I value most in music life would have to be the freedom of having complete control of what you want to do as an artist. The music industry is drowning in puppets that are controlled by cooperation’s that dictate what they do musically and creatively.

Q6. What was the first tape, record or CD you bought for yourself and when?
Before high school I never used to have much regard for music as a whole and never knew of many bands. All of a sudden I was obsessed with bands such as Pink Floyd and The Beatles. My first CD was The Dark Side Of The Moon and my first Vinyl was Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Q7. What is most favorite music now?
We are constantly searching and finding new bands out there for inspiration. It’s a bit of a hobby for us. Shoe-Gaze and Dream Pop. Bands like My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive. As well recent bands such as Beach House, Wild Nothing, Radio Dept.

Q8. What is the dream in the future?
We would like to have a new release to share around in the near future. I guess our dream would be to share our music to people who genuinely want to hear it. Like people who drove to the venue or took the train etc. just to hear our songs. I think that’s what drives us and motivates us to make music.

Q9. Please Message to readers.
You live in a beautiful country and hopefully we can come and visit you guys sometime soon.

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  Q1 自己紹介をどうぞ。
やあ、僕達はオーストラリアのバンドで Field Tripって言います。

Q2 バンドを始めたきっかけは?
それは高校の時にさかのぼって、JayとDanielがStrokesやArctic Monkeysのようなバンドに影響されて、バンドを始めようと決めたんだ。バンドへの影響が変わって、音楽への価値感が変わったんだ。そしてバンドも違う段階へと進める必要性を感じ、2人のメンバーPeter & Zacが加わって、Field Trip のメンバーが完成したってわけさ。

Q3 影響を受けたアーティストは?
最初は主にThe StrokesとArctic Monkeys、でもさらにメンバーが加わった事で、確かに色々なカラーが出てきたよ。Real Estate、Best Coast、The Drums、Pains of Being Pure at Heart等を聴くようになったんだ。とてもDIYで、曲づくりが自然なバンドだね。これが影響して、僕等のEPに入っているサウンドのスタイルになったんだ。

Q4 最近はどんな活動をしてる?

Q5 音楽をやっていて一番大切にしている事は?

Q6 初めて買ったテープ・CD・レコードは?
高校に入る前は、音楽に大した思いは無かったし、バンドも全然知らなかったよ。突然、Pink Floyd やThe Beatlesなんかに取り憑かれたんだ。最初のCDはThe Dark Side Of The Moon、そして最初のバイナル はSgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Bandだったよ。

Q7 今一番好きな音楽は?
僕等は常にひらめきの為に、その辺で新しいバンドを探してるんだ。趣味ってとこかな。シューゲイズ やドリームポップ。バンドのみんなが好きなのはMy Bloody Valentine と Slowdive。それと最近のバンドだったら、Beach House、Wild Nothing、Radio Deptかな。

Q8 今後の目標は?

Q9 みんなにメッセージをお願いします。

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