Jan 9, 2013

P+M#11 Interview : Dear Telephone


Q1. Please Introduce Yourself.
Dear Telephone got together in 2010, gathering Graciela Coelho, André Simão and Paulo Araújo (long time partners in portuguese bands such as The Astonishing Urbana Fall or La la la Ressonance) and Pedro Oliveira (drummer with Peixe: Avião, Old Jerusalem, Green Machine or Kafka). We felt deeply inspired by the short-film “Dear Phone” – 1976, by Peter Greenaway, and we were driven to put aside our background in experimental music and started trying to decant soap operas and pocket cheesy paperback dramas through hard, frugal, minimalist pop.

Q2. How did you start this band?
Just like most bands, I guess. First, a coincidential coffee, then a dinner, then a shy reharsal, then magic.

Q3. Who is the artist from whom you were influenced?
Dear Telephone is a metaphor for incommunication, standing in line with everyday life, it’s both a cynical and dazzled look over popular culture. So, we are mostly inspired by film makers: Peter Greenaway, of course, Antonioni, Mike Leigh, Todd Haynes.. If I had to point out a musician, I guess I’d say Arthur Russel, to whom we paid tribute with a cover (Close my eyes) in our first EP (Birth of a Robot).

Q4. What are you just doing?
We’re now reharsing, composing and preparing to record our next album.

Q5. What do you value most in music life?
Well, I wouldn’t have a straight answer to that. Some of us value the studio work, most of all. Some other like it on the road, on stage. Our common ground is the love of music itself and the opportunity to show it to those who might love it (it’s a pretty cheesy answer, but then again, the truth is sometimes cheesy).

Q6. What was the first tape, record or CD you bought for yourself and when?
I was fifteen – in the early nineties – when I bought “Code: Selfish”, by The Fall. In that same week I was offered “Crumbling the antiseptic beauty” by Felt. Quite a week, I must say.

Q7. What is most favorite music now?
In the last month I’ve been enjoying the work of Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland, Robert Ellis, Vladislav Delay. Also, discovering Pole, and excited with this upcoming album by Lloyd Cole + Dieter Roedelius (just heard about it today!).

Q8. What is the dream in the future?
A japanese tour, of course.

Q9. Please Message to readers.
Hope to see you soon!

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  Q1 自己紹介をどうぞ。
Dear Telephoneは2010年に結成、メンバーはGraciela Coelho、André Simão、Paulo Araújo (オランダのバンドで長年のパートナー、The Astonishing Urbana Fall や La la la Ressonance)、そして Pedro Oliveira (ドラマー Peixe: Avião、Old Jerusalem、Green Machine または Kafka)。「Dear Phone」っていう僕等が深く感銘を受けたショートフィルムがあるんだ。 1976年Peter Greenaway作のね。それが僕等の音楽の経験を横に置き、ハード、フルーガル、ミニマリストポップを通して、ソープオペラや安っぽいペーパーバックのドラマの世界へと展開するきっかけとなったんだ。

Q2 バンドを始めたきっかけは?

Q3 影響を受けたアーティストは?
Dear Telephoneは無口の比喩、毎日の生活にあるんだ。それは、普段の文化を見渡すと、皮肉的だったり、まばゆかったり。だから僕達はフィルムメーカーに影響されている。Peter Greenaway、勿論Antonioni、Mike Leigh、Todd Haynes。もしもミュージシャンをあげなきゃいけないんなら、そうだねArthur Russelかな。僕等の最初のEP 『Birth of a Robot』の時に「Close my eyes」のカバーで貢献したからね。

Q4 最近はどんな活動をしてる?

Q5 音楽をやっていて一番大切にしている事は?

Q6 初めて買ったテープ・CD・レコードは?
僕が15歳の90年代初め、The Fallの『Code: Selfish』を買ったんだ。その同じ週にFeltに『Crumbling the antiseptic beauty』の誘いを受けたんだ、凄い週だったなぁ。

Q7 今一番好きな音楽は?
先月はDean Blunt and Inga Copeland、Robert Ellis、Vladislav Delay の作品を楽しんでたよ。それからPoleの発見、そしてもうじき出るLloyd Cole + Dieter Roedelius の新しいアルバムにワクワクしてる(今日聞いたところなんだ!)。

Q8 今後の目標は?

Q9 みんなにメッセージをお願いします。

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