Mar 14, 2013

P+M#12 Interview : Sherpa


Q1. Please Introduce Yourself.
My name is Ben, I play guitar in Sherpa, we play music together which can be described as Psychedelic Pop

Q2. How did you start this band?
Sherpa begun around 2005/2006 when Earl, Vince and our old bass player Sam jammed and wrote songs in high school.

Q3. Who is the artist from whom you were influenced?
Some heavy influences of ours would be The Beatles, Todd Rundgren along with modern psychedelic bands like Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Opossom

Q4. What are you just doing (release, live, recording, promo, study, work, vacance, etc..)?
We’re in the process of recording our second album.

Q5. What do you value most in music life?
Having fun and creating an atmosphere for whoever we’re playing in front of.

Q6. What was the first tape, record or CD you bought for yourself and when?
One of the first CDs I bought as a kid was Weezer’s Blue Album

Q7. What is most favorite music now?
I’m really getting into Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s new LP ‘II’ as well as Chirstopher Owens’ solo record ‘Lysendre’

Q8. What is the dream in the future?
Play in as many countries and cities as possible. Continue to make albums and have a good time.

Q9. Please Message to readers.
If you enjoy our music keep an eye out for our second album which should be coming out sometime this year!

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  Q1 自己紹介をどうぞ。

Q2 バンドを始めたきっかけは?

Q3 影響を受けたアーティストは?
だいぶ影響を受けてるのはThe BeatlesとTodd Rundgren、それとTame ImpalaやUnknown Mortal Orchestra、Opossomみたいなモダン・サイケのアーティストだね。

Q4 今どんな活動をしてる?(リリース・ライブ・レコーディング・プロモーション・勉強・仕事・休暇など何でも)

Q5 音楽をやっていて一番大切にしている事は?

Q6 最初に買ったテープ・CD・レコードは何だった?いくつの時?
Weezerの『Blue Album』は子どもの頃にはじめて買ったCDのひとつだね。

Q7 今一番ハマってる音楽は?
Unknown Mortal Orchestraの新しいLP『II』が最近すごく気に入ってる。あと、Chirstopher Owensのソロアルバム『Lysandre』もね。

Q8 将来の夢は?

Q9 みんなにメッセージをお願いします。

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