Mar 26, 2013

P+M#12 Interview : Hills


Q1. Please Introduce Yourself.
We are Hills. A group of friends from Los Angeles, California, who have been playing music together on and off for awhile now. Our guitarists, Jonny Kwong and Jordan Marks, have been friends since elementary school. The rest of the band met while attending high school.

Q2. How did you start this band?
All of us have been involved in music our whole lives. After awhile, we decided to start Hills as a way to play music and have fun.

Q3. Who is the artist from whom you were influenced?
We have been influenced by many surf-rock artists, but Seapony has been our biggest influence.

Q4. What are you just doing (release, live, recording, promo, study, work, vacance, etc..)?
Currently, we are all studying at different universities. Yet this does not stop us from playing many live shows when we are home.

Q5. What do you value most in music life?
We love everything about music. That said, the connections we are able to make with people who enjoy our music are most valuable to us.

Q6. What was the first tape, record or CD you bought for yourself and when?
Alisa: Britney Spears in 3rd grade.
Jonny: The Chronic by Dr. Dre when I was 12.
Jordan: The Orange Juice by Orange Juice when I was 14.
Daniel: Something by Tom Petty awhile back.
Spencer: Jack Johnson’s debut when I was 10.

Q7. What is most favorite music now?
We are all really into everything Real Estate is releasing.

Q8. What is the dream in the future?
We hope to one day go on tour all over the world. Especially Japan!

Q9. Please Message to readers.
We want to thank everyone for their support! It means so much to us! Also, we have new music coming soon, so stay tuned!

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  Q1 自己紹介をどうぞ。
はじめまして、Hillsです。カリフォルニアのロサンゼルスに住む友達同士でつくったバンドで、時々休止したりもしたけど、もう結構長いこと活動してる。ギタリストのJonny KwongとJordan Marksの2人は小学校からの友達なんだ。あとのメンバーは、高校から仲間になった。

Q2 バンドを始めたきっかけは?

Q3 影響を受けたアーティストは?

Q4 今どんな活動をしてる?(リリース・ライブ・レコーディング・プロモーション・勉強・仕事・休暇など何でも)

Q5 音楽をやっていて一番大切にしている事は?

Q6 最初に買ったテープ・CD・レコードは何だった?いくつの時?
Alisa: 3年生の時に、Britney SpearsのCDを買ったわ。
Jonny: 12歳の時。Dr. Dreの『The Chronic』を。
Jordan: Orange Juiceの『Orange Juice』を14歳の時に。
Daniel: Tom Pettyの『Something』。昔のことだね。
Spencer: Jack Johnsonのデビューアルバム。10歳だった。

Q7 今一番ハマってる音楽は?
メンバーみんな、Real EstateのCDは全部大好きだよ。

Q8 将来の夢は?

Q9 みんなにメッセージをお願いします。

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