Apr 5, 2013

P+M#12 Interview : Slottet


Q1. Please Introduce Yourself.
Slottet is about working outside the box. When making our music the rule is that nothing is not to be tested – no matter how bad the idea sounds. The words, in adjectives that we sometimes use to describe our music found on our website and Facebook page, represent that creative moment where feelings and music co-exist and combined becomes our music. It does not have to be well made in its smaller sound pieces – for example a synthesizer sound, but combined it has to feel right. This can not really be described properly in words, but having some words trying to express this process at least give you, the listener, a hint of what to expect of our music.

Q2. How did you start this band?
We met at university about 5 years ago, starting as a cover band and later beginning to make our own music which in turn became the electro-pop sound that we have today.

Q3. Who is the artist from whom you were influenced?
A lot of artists inspire us, but to mention a few; we listen a lot to The Postal Service, Radio Dept. and M83. The Postal Service has had a great impact on our sound, partly because Marcus sounds a bit like Ben Gibbard when singing but most of all because their way of creating music is inspiring in itself. It is about trying to make music simple and focusing on an easy and compelling melodies.

Q4. What are you just doing (release, live, recording, promo, study, work, vacancy, etc..)?
One member is studying for a Master in Economics at the moment and the remaining two members have full-time jobs in line with their education consisting of a Master of Science in Media Tech­nology. As for the music, we are currently recording new songs so that we can have a wider range of material when performing live.

Q5. What do you value most in music life?
All songs are based on feelings sprung from periods in life consisting of joy or sorrow, building up to a point where they musically and lyrically strive to tell a story. This is the essence of our work: to make people happy, sad, joyful or to have any other feeling that they feel while listening – there are no right or wrongs in music, just whatever meaning listeners put into the melody, a song’s lyrics or both. We aim to make people feel something when listening.

Q6. What was the first tape, record or CD you bought for yourself and when?
Marcus A: One of the first albums I bought was in 1994 when I, as a nine-year-old boy, bought an album from the Swedish indie-pop band Jumper.
Yin Fai Chan: There has been a lot of CD:s bought over the years, but one of the first CD:s I bought was probably some album by Metallica.
Marcus W: I have always borrowed (read: taken) a lot of records from my father’s or sister’s CD collection, ranging from The Beatles to Swedish singer-songwriters, but one of the first records I bought for myself was Nick Drake’s album Bryter Layter.

Q7. What is most favourite music now?
If we were to recommend some tracks that we listen to a lot at the moment it would be:
The Vaccines – If you wanna, The Heartbrakes – Delay, delay, Cut copy – Need you now, The tallest man on earth – Leading me now, The Shins – A comet appears, Bombay bicycle club – Shuffle, LP – Levitator, Grimes – Oblivion, Hellsingland underground – I just don’t believe in love.

Q8. What is the dream in the future?
To be big in Japan (laughing), no but seriously the goal has always been to make more songs and reach a larger audience that enjoy listening to our music. Whether this means playing for 20 people in the local pub or an arena with 20 000 does not really matter since both of the situations mean reaching out to people with our music.

Q9. Please Message to readers.
We hope that you enjoy the track included in the compilation and will listen to it until your ears are bleeding and, once you reach that point, know that there will be more tracks awaiting on our Sound­cloud to be shared with everyone you know.

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  Q1 自己紹介をどうぞ。

Q2 バンドを始めたきっかけは?

Q3 影響を受けたアーティストは?
たくさんいるけど、いくつか挙げるなら、The Postal Service、Radio Dept、M83かな。The Postal Serviceは、僕らのサウンドにかなり影響を与えてる。Marcusの歌声がちょっとBen Gibbardに似てるからっていうこともあるんだけど、何より曲の作り方そのものが僕らにとってはすごく参考になる。曲を複雑にせずに、シンプルでパワフルなメロディーを大切にしようとする、それがすべてなんだ。

Q4 最近はどんな活動をしてますか?

Q5 音楽をやっていて一番大切にしている事は?

Q6 最初に買ったテープ・CD・レコードは何だった?いくつの時?
Marcus A: 1994年、9歳の時。買ったのはスウェーデンのインディー・ポップのアーティスト、Jumperのアルバムだった。
Yin Fai Chan: 子どもの頃からCDはたくさん買ったけど、はじめて買ったのはMetallicaのアルバムだったと思う。
Marcus W: 父や姉のCDコレクションからよく「借りて」(もらって、ともいえる)たよ。The Beatlesから、スウェーデンのシンガーソングライターまで色々。自分で初めて買ったアルバムは、Nick Drakeの『Bryter Layter』かな。

Q7 今一番ハマってる音楽は?
最近よく聴いてるおすすめの曲を挙げるなら、こんな感じかな。The Vaccines の『If you wanna』、The Heartbrakesの『Delay, delay』、Cut Copyの『Need you now』、The Tallest Man On Earthの『Leading Me Now』、The Shinsの『A Comet Appears』、Bombay Bicycle Clubの『Shuffle』、LPの『Levitator』、Grimes の『Oblivion』、Hellsingland Undergroundの『I Just Don’t Believe In Love』。

Q8 将来の夢は?

Q9 みんなにメッセージをお願いします。

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