Aug 23, 2012

illustrator – Cassidy Rae Limbach

I am an abstract painter/ illustrator working on linen with acrylic, collage and inks. My main concerns are with rich-juicy colors, textures and surface qualities to create life-affirming visual meditations.

I am mostly is inspired with the nature of both humans and animals alike and tends to present them in different roles. These provocative designs are shown in a matter of poise but still remain very personal and demand attention.

With a playful spread of illustration, all forms of life are represented. Characters taking on lavish masks, warping shape and dripping chaos into expressionistic splashes. The human forms checkered with animal bone and antler accessories pose, and stare back toward the viewer as empowered and confident sketches, surrounded by bits of encapsulating, stories. I am trying to create a dialog between myself and the viewer. But the stories people create themselves while viewing my work is what interests me the most.

These forms clash between a sunny disposition of pastels and ornate decoration, and a melancholy mood revealed in the somber facial expressions. The use of subtle, yet explosive color, and a shadowing of fashion illustration, I want to leave the viewer alive and pining for more.

Cassidy Rae Limbach

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